All-Game Taxidermy

Today's methods of preserving your trophies antler velvet are better than ever and where there is damaged or no antler velvet, we are able to recreate it with our ultra modern antler velvet recreation procedure.

Antler Velvet Recreation

Velvet antlers, cariboo with artificial velvet antlers. Velvet antlers, cariboo with artificial velvet antlers.

Our artificial velvet can replace the velvet that falls off the antlers or I can add velvet to any antlers that you may have that you would like to have done. Taxidermists have always had a very hard time saving the velvet on antlers with any other process other than freeze drying. But with a special flocking machine we can make the velvet antlers look as close to the real thing as possible. The colors available are Chocolate; Silver, Gray and Tan, special mixes are also available. With these color mixes we can match your antlers amazingly close !!! All we ask for is a photo of you specimens to match the colors.

Natural Velvet Preservation

Velvet antlers, deer with freeze dried antler velvet. Freeze dried antler velvet on whitetail deer.

Another method we provide is a freeze-drying service but this can take a little longer and cost a little bit more due to shipping charges but you get your velvet on your antlers with this method. But if you should have any problems with your real velvet we can make it right with the artificial process.

Below are the horn charges for all species:
$1.10 cents per inch for the Deer listed:
Whitetail, Mule, Blacktail, Axis, Fallow Deer and most of the exotic species.
$1.25 per inch, for Elk and Caribou.
$1.45 per inch, for Moose. 

1. The basic charge is $110.00 
2. We then measure the length of both of the main beams and all other point lengths coming off the main beams.
3. These measurements are taken in inches.
4. Add the base charge  +  plus the total lengths of both sides  x  the price per inch  =  will equal the cost for this service.
5. The customer will be responsible for stripping and cleaning of antlers before shipping them to All-Game. The charges for All-Game to do this will be billed at $75.00 per hour.
6. All shipping, handling and Insurance are the responsibility of the customer. Because of the packaging of the completed items we may need to ship in separate containers. This would depend on the species and size of rack.

*Please note that Moose are measured differently. I need to measure from the base of the antler to the top of the palms. Then measure the length of all the tines that come off the palms and anywhere else. Then measure the width of the palms and the length of the brow tines. Add all of the measurement from both sides together, then multiply the total number of inches by $1.10 add the base charge to that and you will have the cost.