All-Game Taxidermy

Located in central New Jersey and serving return clients from across the country since 1977, All-Game Taxidermy is a full service taxidermist studio capable of catering to all of your wild game needs.

Award winning New Jersey taxidermy studio...

Carl Osterlunds All-Game taxidermy has been in business since 1977 and has earned the reputation as New Jersey's finest taxidermy studio specializing in:

All-Game Taxidermy.

           - Life-size Mounts
           - Big Game Shoulder Mounts
           - Fish Reproductions
           - Waterfowl Taxidermy
           - Upland Game Taxidermy
           - Bear Rugs
           - African Taxidermy
           - Upland Bird Mounts
           - Custom Bases

When looking for a NJ taxidermist for your next trophy, be sure to stop by our studio to check out our work close up or visit our taxidermy photos page to get a look now. You can also browse the items we have listed on our taxidermy for sale pages.

From the north pole to Africa, All-Game Taxidermy's staff of award winning taxidermist's are familiar with and capable of recreating any game species.

Fish Taxidermy - We have the largest selection of fiberglass reproduction fish mounts on the east coast. Check out the long list of fish mounts for sale that we are currently clearing out at discounted prices to make room for the next load.

Game Processing - Check out our full service game processing plant. All of your taxidermy and butchering needs are handled in one place.

Planning a trip abroad? - be sure to contact us first to learn about common mistakes in care and preservation of your trophies in other areas of the world. You may want to ask about any permits that may be required before bringing your trophies back to the US.