All-Game Taxidermy

We have been offering fish taxidermy for many years and with the passing of time comes evolving techniques. We too have grown along with the times offering not only quality skin mounts, but cutting edge fiberglass reproduction mounts.

Fish taxidermy, reproductions and skin mounts...

All-Game Taxidermy.

All-Game Taxidermy offers fiberglass fish reproductions for the catch and release angler that are as lifelike and brilliantly colored as the moment they were caught. All reproduction fish mounts are completed with a lifelike inner mouth and open gill. We also provide skin mounts on most fresh and salt water species.

           - Open Gill
           - Finished Mouth And Throat
           - Fish Reproductions
           - Skin Mounts Available
           - Custom Bases
           - Water And Habitat

If you decide you want a skin mount, you must keep your fish in the best condition possible. If you are able to bring the fish in immediately, you'll want to place the fish wet into a plastic bag large enough to close around the fish and seal it. Then place the fish on ice in a cooler and give us a call. If you are unable to bring the fish immediately, seal the fish in the same manner, careful not to bend the fish or any of the fins, then place flat on a shelf in the freezer being especially careful with the fins once frozen.

Measuring fish for mounting.To ensure the most precise color replication, we recommend taking several photos of the fish as soon as it has been caught. And measurements to the nearest 1/4 of an inch of the overall length and the girth at the largest point.
* All-Game Taxidermy supports catch and release.

We provide skin mounts on many fresh and salt water species although there are a few that we discourage skin mounts and a few other cases where only reproduction mounts are available. Check out our list of fish mounts for sale.

Please note that on fish 12 inches or smaller, there will be a minimum charge of $200.