All-Game Taxidermy

Bird taxidermy is one of the most unique forms with the widest variety of species and sizes to work with.

Upland game bird and waterfowl taxidermy

Turkey half mount.

The bird taxidermy work coming out of All-Game Taxidermy's studio are about as realistic as you can get without it still having a pulse. From start to finish, the standard of quality is prevalent amongst our bird taxidermists. Check out our photos of bird taxidermy mounts.

           - Flying Mounts
           - Standing Mounts
           - Artificial Water Scenes
           - Competition Heads And Bills
           - Waterfowl And Game Birds
           - Head/Tail Mounts

The immediate care you give your bird is a major contributor to the quality of your mount. You don't want to just throw a prime bird in the bottom of the boat under the pile of decoys where the dog lies. Better to try a little care in its handling. First using a more or less clean and dry maybe damp cloth remove any heavy blood from the feathers. You'll want to have handy some old panty hose to slide your bird head first into to guard the feathers.