All-Game Taxidermy

Custom bases for all of your trophies. Hardwood bases and natural habitat creations.

All-Game Taxidermy - Custom Bases...

Custom bases and habitats.

Our custom bases and habitats add a natural enhancement to any mount.

           - Ice and snow
           - Realistic rock creations
           - Water scenes
           - Forest floor
           - Hardwood bases
           - Pedestal bases

Add flair to your trophy by adding natural habitat to your mounts. Pedestal bases for shoulder mounts of big game bring your game heads down to ground level where you can get a closer look and open the door to endless creations such as browsing and rubbing poses.

Custom bases and habitats.

Waterfowl mounts come to life when put on a natural water scene base or a fish crashing through the surface just like he did when you hooked him!

Custom made rock and ice bases that display the type of terrain that your trophy called home.