All-Game Taxidermy

We have a steady flow of clients hunting abroad and thus have had the opportunity to hone our skills at recreating lifelike African mounts.

African Taxidermy Mounts

African Taxidermy.

We are by far the most experienced studio in the area when it comes to African taxidermy.

Look at some of the African taxidermy photos on our Photo pages.

           - African Game
           - Gemsbuk
           - Impala
           - Warthog
           - Hardebeast
           - Water Buffalo

African Taxidermy.

You can contact us prior to your African hunting trip to learn about what paperwork must accompany your trophies and how to aquire these documents. You should also be aware of good field care techniques and have the proper tools for the job.

You'll also want to check out the custom bases that we custom make using various methods of recreating the terrain that depicts that of the home range of your game mount.